The Rocket Launcher

Delivered & Installed

Towers: 4×8 Double Deck, 4×6 Play Deck
Tower Connectors: 3′ Tunnel Tube
Slides: 7′ Turbo, 14′ Avalanche Slide, 18′ Ball Pit Blast
Climbers: 4′ Ladder, 4′ Rock Climbing Wall/Ladder
Sandbox: 4’x4′ (12 Bags of Sand Needed)
Roof Type: Fabric
Swing Bar: 3 Position 7′ High Beam
Swings: Plastic Glider, Belt Swing, Trapeze Bar, Baby Swing
Fun Add Ons: Ship’s Wheel, Telescope, Tic-Tac-Toe, Ball Pit


Like King Swings The Moon Walk, King Swings The Rocket Launcher Xtreme of the Space Shuttle Series is not simply a play set- this is a whole playground…and more! This treasure of a set features 4×8 Double Deck towers and 4×6 Play Deck connected by a 3’ Tunnel Tube, a 7′ Turbo and 14′ Avalanche Slide, an awesome 18′ Ball Bit Blast, a 4′ Ladder and 4′ Rock Climbing Wall/Ladder Combo, a 4′ x 4′ sandbox, a 3 Position 7′ High Beam swing set, a Plastic Glider, Belt Swing, Trapeze Bar, and Deluxe Baby Swing. This model features wonderful add-ons, including a Ship Wheel, a Telescope, Tic-Tac-Toe, and most joyfully, a Ball Pit w/ 1500 Playballs! Why leave the house when you have an entire playground in your backyard? Don’t forget to invite the neighbor boys and girls!

Product Dimensions: 33' x 19'
Total Space Needed: 25′ x 39′