The Pirate’s Palace

Delivered & Installed

Towers: 6’x6′ Playhouse with 2′ Front Deck
Tower Connectors: N/A
Slides: 8′ Wave Slide
Climbers: Staircase
Sandbox: 6’x6′ (27 Bags of Sand Needed)
Roof Type: Asphalt
Swing Bar: 3 Position Monkey Bar
Swings: Plastic Glider, Belt Swing, Trapeze Bar
Fun Add Ons: 4′ Picnic Table, Ship’s Wheel, Bubble Panel, Fire Pole, Tic-Tac-Toe, Telescope


King Swings The Pirate’s Palace of the Pirate Ship Series is a perfect fort for your swashbucklers! This model features a real staircase, two little doors, Trapeze, a Belt Swing, a Plastic Glider a 4′ Picnic Table, Bubble Panel, a Tic-Tac-Toe board, a Ship Wheel and Telescope, and a Fire Pole. Don’t forget the map and compass!

Product Dimensions: 11' x 26'
Total Space Needed: 17′ x 32′